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First off, welcome to my new site!! Thank you to my amazing step-dad for all of the hard work in putting this together (he makes the BEST websites.) I am so excited I get to continue to share everything on such an awesome platform now.

As you guys know, Brandon and I went to California in March with my family and it was such a great trip. We went to a lot of different places in a short amount of time; the kind of trips where you’re always doing something and feel like you need a vacation from your vacation when you get home! I wanted to do a blog post on each part of California that we saw. That way you guys can see what everything looked liked, the things we did, and maybe get some ideas for if any of you decide to go out there someday!

Los Angeles was our first stop. Well, technically we stayed in Redondo Beach. This was a great way to start the trip because I got to see a lot of my family I don’t see that often that live there! The first day we got there was actually my mom’s birthday and everyone was arriving at different times so we took it pretty easy and just relaxed in our Airbnb (we needed a nap after the 4 hour plane ride next to a crying baby.)

That night we went to go watch my two cousins play in their volleyball games then had them over for a fiesta for my mom, which was super fun. Sometimes all you need is your family to make it a good time right?

Our second day, we woke up and met my family for breakfast at “The Local Yolk.” They have all sorts of food from breakfast to lunch, so I weirdly ordered a chicken and cheese burrito for breakfast ***I am the world’s weirdest and pickiest eater so bare with me*** It was really good! I definitely recommend going there if you’re staying in the Manhattan Beach area. After that my uncle took us on a tour of his company ThinKom, which was awesome! Everything they do is extremely complex, but to try and simplify it they create the antennas that allow planes to have wi-fi. It was really cool to see the warehouse where they build all of them. After that we drove over to my mom’s high school and the house she grew up at in Palos Verdes. If I recommend anywhere to go in LA, it would be the Palos Verdes/Rancho Palos Verdes area. We ate lunch at the Terranea Resort and oh my goodness that place was beautiful. It’s right across the Pacific from the island of Catalina and the views are gorgeous. That night we went to my Aunt and Uncle’s house for dinner where we got to spend some more time together with them and my two cousins!

Day three was our last day in LA and we spent it hiking in Palos Verdes. I didn’t do editing on the picture with the water, it’s seriously that blue!! After our pretty long hike, we ate Mexican at the Red Onion, which was SO good. Once our bellies were full, Brandon and I went with my other aunt and uncle to go see Beverly Hills/downtown LA. First off, traffic in LA is like no other. I thought Nashville was bad, but my goodness. We drove through Beverly Hills, which was so pretty and Rodeo drive has all the stores I’ll never be able to afford LOL! We saw UCLA, which is where my grandma went and I debated on attending initially. We then went to downtown LA on the night of the Oscar’s, so Hollywood Blvd was closed off for the red carpet and we weren’t able to see a ton of stuff. We did get out to see the little bit we could and some of the stars on the sidewalk, but that was about it. In all honesty, if you’re planning a trip out here downtown LA is not an area I would recommend unless you really want to see tourist attractions.

Overall, LA was a ton of fun and I’m so happy I got to see my family/have everyone together in one place! Next up, Sonoma!!





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