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Half way through this week and half way through the month of May! I feel like, at least here in Tennessee, we completely skipped Spring and are now in the thick of Summer with this weather. Figured today would be a good day to share about the second part of our California trip since it seems like the whole Southeast region of the United States is getting monsooned on (I don’t think monsoon can be used like that, but hey let’s go with it.)

Sooo after we went to Los Angeles, we took the short flight up to San Francisco and rented a big van for the whole family. When I say big, I mean it had to fit 9 people and our luggage, so a VERY big van! From the airport, we drove to Sonoma, which is right near Napa AKA wine country. I think it was like a two hour drive, so not bad at all. I might say this multiple times, but this was probably my favorite part of the trip. We rented an airbnb in the hills of Sonoma, which had the prettiest view ever. The weather was BEAUTIFUL, staying around the low 70’s the entire time.

By the time we arrived it was getting late, so we had reservations for dinner at Della Santina’s Trattoria. OMG, if you go there and you order one thing you HAVE to get their lasagna. I mean it was the best thing I’ve ever eaten. After dinner, we went to get ice cream in downtown Sonoma, which is such a cute and quaint town.

We woke up the next day ready to tackle what you have to do in Napa; drink wine! We made reservations for a tasting and tour at Kunde Family Winery. It was so much fun tasting all of the different and sometimes extremely expensive wines, even if you don’t like certain ones (I’m not a fan of red wine.) Our guide walked us through their entire tasting menu, which was probably around 7 or 8 different wines. After our tasting, we walked through the caves where they keep the wine barrels to age them. It was really cool to see where it all happens and how old some of the wines in there were.

After Kunde, we went to Gloria Ferrer, which is famous for sparkling wine! First of all, this is a must-visit kind of place. The views were insane and everywhere looked like a postcard. We sat out on the porch and Brandon and I both got flights of different wines. My favorite was probably the Brut Rose or the Demi-Sec. I didn’t want to leave this place, even inside was gorgeous!

That night, my parents and sister and her husband were going to The French Laundry, which is a Michelin Star restaurant. I’m not into all the fancy foods, so we just took it easy that night and went with my brother and his girlfriend to a brewery in town!

Next up on the tour of California-Yosemite!!

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